Citing and referencing: web sites and social networking

Sites and social networking

Information from sites and social media marketing (including blogs, newsgroups, on the web forums, Twitter and Facebook)


  • A document on line ( not just a journal article) are frequently a online Word or .pdf file, offered by a web site or website. It could consist of federal federal government magazines, curriculum documents and policy papers. A document on line is referenced differently to a web site (see below).
  • Italicise the title of a standalone document found on line. Don’t italicise the games of websites or sites.
  • Utilize the 12 months of book, or if perhaps the origin undergoes regular modification utilize the most update that is recent.
  • Utilize n.d. (no date) where no book date is present.
  • Where no writer can be obtained, move the organization behind the internet site, or even the name, to the writer room.

  • For forum articles include precise date of publishing.
  • Whenever citing a whole internet site or web page and never any document in specific or paraphrasing or direct quoting through the page/site it really is adequate to provide the target of this web web site into the text (no guide list entry is needed).
  • For more information see How to cite one thing you entirely on a web site in APA design including how to handle it if info is lacking.
  • that is://tweet2cite is an automatic citation generator for Twitter developed by Ben Hedlund. (Citation seems both in APA and MLA style)

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