Perch real. This very ethylene vinyl acetate is covered with a tarpaulin, canvas fabric. Rigidity is enough to protect the coil from damage. The Sony a6000 camera is fixed without additional foam rubber.
The case is quite suitable for a portable spinning rod to put it together with the reel. Hello. Since the bottom of the case is lined with foam rubber, the idea was to use it as a case for a camera with a telephoto lens.
The bottom of the cover is lined with embossed foam rubber.
Well, here is a case without Photoshop.

Hard case for portable spinning rods and rods, you can take a photo.

Thank you for your attention. Car mats, shoe soles, cable sheaths and more are made from it. Dimensions are exactly as shown on the website.
That’s all. A review of the hard case I bought for a little spinning.
The handle is recessed, but it is not clear for what purpose. Marsh harrier, wingspan 110-140 cm. Foam rubber is inserted into the mesh pocket to seal the lens. But it turned out that it is also suitable for transportation, storage of a telephoto lens with a camera
When it doesn’t bite, you can do photo hunting. I bought this case a couple of years ago and then it cost about 600 rubles. Throw a sleeping fish into the water and it will definitely fly. Small but high cost. The basis of the cover is a material called ethylene vinyl acetate, abbreviated as EVA.
Spinning rod 2.1 m, rod 5 m, all kinds of boxes with baits, hooks and other accessories, a cage.

It is natural that the Chinese yi will be worse than the Soviet apparatus.

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All have TLC memory Why are you comparing the 544th? The available domestic elementary base is not limited to only 544m. It is not easy to see small currents on such ranges. But if there is no circuit, then in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe backlight connector on the board there are usually several resistors connected in parallel, this is what they are. Not knowing such a trifle in 2022 is nonsense. You must have misunderstood me. But then, in your right mind, you understand everything and look for something Soviet from your hands. To measure what they measure, but only two ranges of 60 and 600 amperes. It is very strange that they did not find an adapter There are moments of weakness and temptation.
it came in 12 days, I reflashed it and put it on the shelf …
I have three Netac SSDs bought from the official website of the company, and not from Ali, with an interval of two years. After reading, I ordered it on banggood,

I also looked at this printer and the bear. But on ebay I took Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite for 220 100. It is better to look at the scheme, of course.

Having studied the Internet, I settled on this instance.

Reviews of VoIP gateways

Voice VoIP gateway is a device for creating and configuring IP telephony, which provides the ability to connect office phones and PBXs to an IP network, transmitting voice traffic in this way. In fact, the VoIP gateway is an environment converter: the analog phone signal that enters the input is converted to digital form at the output, and the device also works in the opposite direction. — usb print server While subscribers of broadband operators suffered from the theft of vitukha in the attic, I reveled in a stable connection (telephone noodles pass through the basement, sticking out and whips cannot penetrate there). • Number of supported GSM channels and SIM cards. — 4 (5) phy 100Mbps ports • type of gateway – in addition, there may be a GSM module that allows you to work with cellular networks, which increases the device’s mobility in comparison with fixed VoIP gateways; Until recently, I was a happy Rostelecom subscriber, I had my honest 10 megabits on a donated dlink dsl-2500u modem. In addition, VoIP gateways provide users with the following features: setting up security functions, setting up data routing, receiving and transmitting information by fax and e-mail, and some others. — ftp storage — voip for two analog phones What did the vodafone operator promise (for this operator, Huawei created this contraption) for $35.82 (at the time of purchase half a year ago): • type of signal converter, there are FXO – analog and FXS – multiplex; — WI-FI router 802.11bgn up to 300Mbps /s Of the local proposals, there is nothing zanidoraga and powerful. — 3 USB ports — smb storage Then RT raised the speed to 20 megbit, the old dlink no longer pulled. — iptv — media server (twonkymedia dlna) • number of ports RJ-45, LAN, RJ 11/12, determines the number of voice lines connected to the gateway; — 3G modem support To purchase a VoIP gateway, the performance of which will be at a high level, pay attention to the following parameters: — adsl2 modem

Wi-Fi radio on ESP32 in Alpinist case

Hello everyone. 6. 3. encoder – 31 p. From the original parts, there was a speaker (oddly enough, but in good condition and excellent sound), a volume control (I had to disassemble and lubricate so as not to wheeze). Inside the case there are voltage boost modules, ESP32, a decoder, two transformers, an amplifier, a bluetooth module, an arduino encoder, a display. A similar one (but with an additional FM module) on Ali costs about 5000 rubles. Amplifier PAM8403 – 53 rubles. 9. 4. 1.3" display – 242 rubles. The DV-SV switch is now used as a Wi-Fi – bluetooth mode switch. The bluetooth control buttons are made on the side so that they are not very conspicuous.
The scale (drawn in the style of the Climber’s scale) has icons to remind you of the purpose of the bluetooth buttons. Based on the KaRadio32 project, which is easy to find on the net. I want to tell you about how I assembled a wifi radio and a bluetooth speaker a year ago in a case from Alpinist-418. I’ve been using it for a year now and The case was previously completely disassembled, washed and painted with matte black paint for plastic. For the galvanic isolation of the vs1053 and the amplifier, I used transformers. A fairly detailed description of the circuit and programming of the module is here
The printed circuit board has been completely freed from the original parts. The charger board with a micro USB socket is attached together with a mirror that reflects light from indicator LEDs into frosted glass. The receiver is dirty with a broken scale – 300 rubles. VS1053 – 393 rubles. Now it’s just a base for attaching modules. In terms of costs, it turned out like this:
I used two Li-Ion 18650 cells for power. Booster MT3608 — 150 RUB I wanted to keep the look as good as possible. During the experiments, I collected two more options.
Channels are configured through a web interface, where you can adjust the sound quality and the order of radio stations. 2. 7. audio transformers for 5 pieces – 220 rubles. Total: about 1700 rubles. So, small LEDs did not have to be soldered. 10 Experience is priceless Those. either internet radio or bluetooth speaker works. It took some fiddling to align the encoder shaft with the station tuning knob. 1. 8 Charger TP4056 — 30 RUB
But this one (the last one) is my favorite. 5. ESP32 – 250 rub.

Perhaps somewhere there is no contact or there is an extra one. The headset is small.
Most of all I like the one that is attached to one ear. Dimensions approximately 70×45 mm. I often communicate with friends and co-workers using various online services.

Bluetooth headset BlitzWolf BW-BH2

So I decided to try a bluetooth headset, which also clings to one ear. Specifications from the product page In general, everything is standard for such devices. Unfortunately, neither offline nor online at different sites I can not find a similar one. Weight 12 grams. But lately my headset has started to falter. Sometimes the microphone buzzes. Since I work at a desktop computer, it is convenient for me to use a wired headset. I don’t like full-size headphones or earbuds in this case. The box contained the headset itself, a microUSB cable for charging, two additional ear pads and, of course, instructions (of course, everything was packed in bags).

I ordered and started to wait. While I was waiting, I began to look for information about this phone and came across the forum Forum.China-iPhone.Ru (A7272 Android 2.3.4, MT6513, 2sim, EDGE). — Bluetooth: 3.0 (MT6620 chip) I will refer to them later in the text. What came of it, read on: — Connectors : 3.5mm headphone jack (longer than standard!) br />—Weight: 152g (actual weight 153g, photo will follow)

I managed to read that the phone at the post office can be stolen and slipped a brick, but everything turned out well. 1) the budget is not more than $100-120 The package looked like this: – supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB; 2) not slowed down.

High quality Android 2.3 smart phone A7272

— 3D accelerator (POWERVR Series5 SGX video chip in the processor); Slowly, the craftsmen began to make rutted firmware. Well, the phone has arrived. I specially created a topic (Phone for $100-120), where I wrote my requirements: — Language: Russian, English, etc… It seems that according to all the requirements that I wrote, it satisfies, except for one thing – the price. Official specifications of the phone: — Android 2.3.4 operating system; 8) preferably hardware buttons (three pieces) in addition to the side ones. 9) 2 camera welcome But I liked one phrase on the forum, which, in principle, outweighed my doubts in the direction of buying: – 3.2 Mpx camera and LED flash, front 0.3 Mpx; 3) touch (preferably capacitive or good resistive) — WiFi: 802.11b/g/n (MT6620 chip) — 3.5" HVGA (320*480), Sharp capacitive display (glass); 5) OS – Android or WM — Mediatek MT6513 processor; — Proximity sensor, position sensor, light sensor; The packaging itself was made of a layer of foam material, which was first wrapped with yellow tape, and then with transparent tape to secure all kinds of stickers: Either the packaging is like this, or the box is hard, but the box itself is not wrinkled: you can safely give, which I will do soon — Battery: BP-4L 2500 mA Li-Ion Battery (actually somewhere around 1500) I was looking for the negative sides of the phone and how to eliminate them. 10) GPS welcome After a painful choice, I settled on the A7272 model. — GPS: GPS/A-GPS (MT6620 chip) This is what the phone box looks like: – 256RAM 512ROM; It was impossible to open it without damaging the packaging. In general, I can’t blame aliexpress in this regard, they always pack well and always give out a track number. At first, there was a lot of flooding on the forum, but then phone owners began to appear, and the topic began to develop. I was also afraid that after PayPal canceled work with this online store, quality claims or returns would be problematic, but oddly enough, the service is still working fine.

—Quad-band GSM/EDGE support; 6 ) BlueToch and wi-fi are desirable 7) all sorts of gadgets, such as a TV, two SIM cards and flashlights are not needed. I decided to give my father a gift – to buy a phone. 4) camera at least 2-3 MP (honest, without interpolation)

With sensors, it’s you in vain. work really well. I think it’s a good addition

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I don’t have the laptop yet. but the man made 3 full charges with an almost complete discharge. says that the time of work does not differ from the time when the native battery was still alive Well, in addition to video recording, there is also GPS, which fixes the speed and coordinates, Adas with an approach warning, and it is possible to connect car tire pressure sensors. I recently caught a “spy” on the track so quickly I was notified at the time of air bleeding.