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This posting examines police brutality throughout many years.

The report consists of a discussion of key situations, such as the Watts Riots, the Black Panther movement, and the L. A. Riots. A amount of connected video clips are also embedded in the write-up.

MLA eight Citation. MuniCourts. “Long Background of Law enforcement Brutality.

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” Courtroom. rchp. com , 17 Nov. rchp.

com/long-background-of-law enforcement-brutality/. APA Quotation. MuniCourts.


Extensive heritage of law enforcement brutality. Retrieved September thirteen, 2017, from http://www. court docket. rchp. com/extended-historical past-of-police-brutality/Police brutality posts: Psychological perspective.

Article #nine: The Cop Thoughts. Published by The New York Moments, this op-ed argues that, although law enforcement must be held accountable for their actions, the community must also understand the psychological and psychological challenges officers confront on a day by day basis. MLA eight Citation.

Brooks, David. “The Cop Thoughts. ” The New York Times , eight Dec. nytimes. com/2014/12/09/impression/the-cop-thoughts. html?r= . APA Quotation.

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Retrieved from https://www. nytimes. com/2014/12/09/view/the-cop-brain. html?r=. Article #ten: A Psychological Perspective on Police Violence. The writer of this short article references Dr. Moscowitz, a social psychologist, who asserts that it is panic, fairly than overt racism, that leads to law enforcement to act as they do. Moscowitz states that folks examine likely threats inside 200 milliseconds. Further, he argues it is within this “split second [that] one particular would have to make your mind up whether or not 1 ought to shoot or keep fireplace. “This source can be thought help with essay writing reddit of credible for the reason that it is an educational source posted by Lehigh University. MLA 8 Quotation. Stralo, Lauren. “A Psychological Viewpoint on Law enforcement Violence. ” Lehigh University , 11 Dec. lehigh. edu/news/psychological-viewpoint-police-violence. APA Quotation. Stralo, L. (2014). A psychological viewpoint on law enforcement violence. ” Retrieved from https://www1. lehigh. edu/information/psychological-point of view-police-violence. Article #11: Within the Thoughts of an Angry Cop. This post, released in GQ , is an interview with police psychologist David J. Thomas. One particular of the critical takeaways in this job interview is that police departments do not give sufficient psychological screening or assist for officers. MLA eight Quotation. Ramsey, Donovan X. “Inside of the Thoughts of an Offended Cop. ” GQ , eight June 2015, www. gq. com/story/law enforcement-psychologist-qa-texas-pool-celebration . APA Quotation. Ramsey, D. X. (2015, June 8). Within the thoughts of an offended cop. GQ . http://www. gq. com/tale/police-psychologist-qa-texas-pool-get together. Article #twelve: When Cops Get rid of: The Psychology of Lethal-Power Encounters. The author of this short article, Dr. Laurence Miller, describes that quite a few individuals wrongly believe that deadly pressure usually means the officer has reacted with abnormal power. Miller examines a wide range of police situations to explain how and why officers respond to particular conditions.

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