Understanding Sports Odds

Identify the type of line you’re taking a look at. All online sports books give you the chance to have your lines in an”American” or”Money line” version. I’d use this as my regular, if I had been you. An”American” line uses either a + or – before a number to signify chances. So a -120 plus also a +120 are two quite different chances on a group… I’ll explain the differences shortly. Two other less frequent variations exist: decimal odds and fractional chances.
–Fractional odds are commonly found in hurrying. A 10/1 payout should be read”$10 paid for each $1 wagered.” When the bigger number is on the left, you will find that bet is normally an underdog in the race. Also note, however, that in case such as”Who will win the Super Bowl in the NFL?” You will see all of the teams listed as”underdogs”… i.e. paying 2/1 (some around 300/1 or more).
Identify the favorite. Lines with a – until the amount (i.e. -200) indicate the favorite. A -200 ought to be read as:”For every $200 wagered, I win $100.” When there’s a negative sign, the line should be read with relation to 100. That does not mean you need to bet that much, it’s just easiest to understand! When a + sign is present, just undo the reading, constantly keeping reference to 100:
1) -150: For each $150 wagered, I win $100 ($50 wagered would win $25).
2) +300: For every $100 wagered, I win $300 ($50 wagered would win $150).
3) 100 (can be +/): For every $100 wagered, I win $100 ($50 wagered would win $50).
4) Most commonly: -110: For every $110 wagered, I win $100.
You see”4″ most often because the extra $10 you have to bet to win $100 is called the”juice” that the books keep as a fee for making the lineup that is available to you.
The main thing you can teach yourself early on is:”Only because the books assign one side to be the preferred (even large, -200 or even -300, favorites), doesn’t follow they will triumph.” We’ve got all seen favorites become mad, and it’s crucial to avoid the temptation of finding comfort in the fact that the lines makers put one team as a favorite.

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