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Every bettor in Nigeria has a story to share his or her personal experience with bookmakers. While some applaud couple sports betting firms for their reliability, the others have whined for the impromptu pay out to winners and insincerity on the part of a bookmakers in Nigeria.
So we chose to survey 50,000 bettors across the country [Perhaps, not a decent sample size], but their feedback can function as some sort of recommendations to you.
We asked the respondents to rank [from 0 to 5 stars] over 20 sports gambling brands in Nigeria. Below is the summary of the five best. But then, your own comments and recommendations are highly advised.
Bet365 is potentially the most popular sports gambling on the web. Its well spread across the world and may have enjoyed the largest patronage even in Nigeria. Easy to play on desk top and cellular platform and their cover out to winners accounts are automatic.
This firm has the highest odds in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. They also offer bonuses also clients on bet slip. They provide 30 percent to their agents and 40% to their own operators on weekly profit. Bet365NAIJA is highly recommended.
You are assured of uncommon gambling and administrative expertise, tailored to excellent customer service with live gambling fully activated. In case you decide to start an account with us and put your funds, these funds are secure. Because we believe we’re holding your money in trust for you for an immediate payout when you win or want your money back.

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